Road Service that works

Emergency road service is a compulsory service for travelers to make sure a safe and smooth journey. Several organizations like local county administration, emergency response unit, hospital service, authority of freeway maintenance and insurance firms offers this service. Whenever a person becomes a vehicle owner by purchasing a car, he or she automatically becomes a subscriber of emergency road service.

The emergency road service is tendered nation wide through a grid. Remotely monitoring is done by the speedway maintenance authority using cameras. When a vehicle breakdown occurred on the freeway, the concerned personnel will dispatch a repair team to the spot. They will drag the stranded vehicle outside the road area and attempt to repair it. The vehicle will be taken to nearest garage if they are unable to repair it on the spot. The vehicle owner, passengers and driver will be placed to the closest town.

If a road accident takes place, the emergency response team will be activated. The obstacles and the vehicle engaged in the accident will be removed form the freeway in order to make sure smooth drive of other vehicles. Those will evacuated immediately who need medical attention.