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Brand-new service

Auto road service is a brand new service aimed at ensuring hassle free and trouble free journey for motorists whenever they are using the speedway or while on tours. It is a new line of service and vehicle owners are increasingly subscribing to it on account of the benefits that flow. The auto road service […]

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Help anywhere, anytime

Emergency road service has been launched under the concept of ‘help anywhere, anytime’ for the motorists. The emergency road service is operated by the local county administration in association with others such as freeway maintenance authority, transport department, emergency response units, medical services, law enforcement officials and auto dealers. There is no separate fee to […]

Making driving easy

Road service is new line of service aimed at making driving easy for motorists, especially when they are on the freeway. Road service is also available whenever vehicles pose mechanical problem either while driving or at home. The road service is offered by the auto dealer in association with the vehicle manufacturer. Initially started as […]

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