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New paid service

Auto road service is a new paid service aimed at providing value added services to the motorists and road users. Apart from providing vehicular breakdown service, premium services such as road guidance, tourist information relay and chauffeur services are offered under the auto road service by several national players. Check with the local auto dealer […]

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All time help

Emergency road service is a service offered by a number of great companies to help at anytime time to motorists in distress on streets and freeways. The emergency road service aims at keeping the roads clear from obstacles. The emergency road service is implemented by the local county administration in association with the speedways maintenance […]

Help for motorists

Road service is a specialized program which helps stranded motorists whenever and where ever they are. The road service is offered by the auto dealer on behalf of the vehicle manufacturer. The road service was evolved by the auto dealer to retain the customers apart from earning their goodwill. The road service is also offered […]

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