Making driving easy

Road service is new line of service aimed at making driving easy for motorists, especially when they are on the freeway. Road service is also available whenever vehicles pose mechanical problem either while driving or at home. The road service is offered by the auto dealer in association with the vehicle manufacturer. Initially started as breakdown service to win the faith and trust of car owners, the road service has now evolved into a specialized service with a number of players other than auto dealers.

The road service is of two categories. The first category of road service is offered by the auto dealer, who services two sets of customers. The two sets of customers are his own clients and those who have subscribed to the service. The road service offered by the auto dealer is restricted to the county jurisdiction. The second category of road service is offered by a national company, which networks through the auto dealers. This is a better service since the road service is available in any part of the country any time. Apart from attending to vehicular breakdown, a number of other services are also provided under road service for a prescribed fee. Every car owner has to subscribe to this service to make driving easy.