Brand-new service

Auto road service is a brand new service aimed at ensuring hassle free and trouble free journey for motorists whenever they are using the speedway or while on tours. It is a new line of service and vehicle owners are increasingly subscribing to it on account of the benefits that flow. The auto road service is offered for an annual fee. Other charges vary on the bases of services sought by the car owner. Normally, this is preferred mostly by owners of high end and luxury vehicles. However, recently owners of all categories of cars are subscribing to auto road service.

The assistance rendered under auto road service include providing chauffeur services for lengthy drives or if the vehicle owner is planning a visit to the neighboring state. The auto road service provider will also chart out the nearest road map for the vehicle owner. The locations of gas station, motel, rest rooms, ATM counters, restaurants and shopping malls along the route will be given to the car owner. If the subscriber has lost way while driving on the speedway, the car owner will be guided back to the right track using remote navigational assistance. It is recommended that all car owners subscribe to auto road service.