Help all the time

Emergency road service refers to help all the time made available to the motorists on the freeways. Basically, the aim of the emergency road service is to keep the roads clear from traffic jams by assisting the motorists. Under the emergency road service, the freeways are monitored round the clock using remote video surveillance system. Any disturbance on the freeway is reported to the authority concerned. The local county administration takes responsibility for implementing the emergency road service, which is an obligatory and mandatory service.

If the road is blocked on account of mud slide or avalanche, the freeway maintenance authority will be informed. Immediately personnel will be pressed into service to clear the debris from the road. Similarly, if there is a traffic jam on the speedway due to accidents or stranded vehicles, the law enforcement department will be informed. The officials concerned will arrive at the spot and tow the vehicle to the nearest garage for repairs. The stranded passengers will be taken to the nearest city. If any passenger is injured in the accident, medical attention will be given. If there is a need, the injured will be airlifted to the nearest hospital. Other stake holders of emergency road service include emergency response units and medical services.