Subscribe to motorist friendly service

Auto road service is a very useful service for motorists especially whenever they are using freeways. All vehicle owners must subscribe to motorist friendly service if they intend to make their journey on the freeway a hassle free experience. The auto road service is provided by a number of agencies, which have a network of auto dealers all over the country. The agency providing the auto road service charges an annual fee to the subscribers, entitled to various assistance on the freeway.

For instance, if the vehicle owner is planning a drive on the freeway, the auto road service provider will equip the subscriber with all the necessary and relevant information such as the shortest route, the amenities along the route such as motel, ATM counter and gas station and shopping mall. If the subscriber is not interested in driving the vehicle all the way, then a chauffeur will be provided to take the car owner to the destination. If the driver loses way on the way, the auto road service provider will guide the subscriber back to the correct road by engaging the remote navigational assistance. The subscriber will also be assisted in identifying the entry and exit points of the freeway.