New paid service

Auto road service is a new paid service aimed at providing value added services to the motorists and road users. Apart from providing vehicular breakdown service, premium services such as road guidance, tourist information relay and chauffeur services are offered under the auto road service by several national players. Check with the local auto dealer for reputed auto road service providers. Car owner can also ascertain the testimonials of the auto road service by visiting the internet. The fee for auto road service differs since it is based on the services sought by the car owner. 

Under auto road service, drivers and motorists will be helped in identifying the nearest gas station, shopping mall, restaurant and motels. If the car owner is planning a long drive on the speedway, the auto road service will provide navigational assistance. If the car driver has lost way while driving on the speedway, assistance will be given to bring the vehicle back on the right track. The auto road service provider will also undertake hotel room reservation booking and confirmation on behalf of the subscriber. If the car driver plans a local tourist visit, the auto road service provider will come out with a list of popular tourist sites meant to be visited. It is a useful service and all car owners are recommended to subscribe to it.