Help for motorists

Road service is a specialized program which helps stranded motorists whenever and where ever they are. The road service is offered by the auto dealer on behalf of the vehicle manufacturer. The road service was evolved by the auto dealer to retain the customers apart from earning their goodwill. The road service is also offered to attract new customers. A range of services are offered under road service. 

The assistance rendered under road service includes attending to vehicular breakdown such as mechanical and engine problem of the car. Whenever the car breaks down, subscribers of the road service have to file a complaint with the helpdesk set up by the operator. Immediately, a mobile repair squad will be dispatched to the scene. Technicians will inspect the vehicle for defects. If possible, the technicians will try to repair the car on the spot. If that is not possible, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage for a careful examination. The mobile squad will also render assistance in flat tire replacement, faulty spare parts replacement, and ignition and jump starting resolving and delivering fluids such as oil and lubricants.