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The past and future of roadside assistance

There are basically two types of companies that would respond to a call for roadside assistance from one of its members; the type that requires you to call for assistance, or the type that calls you when you may need assistance.    The traditional companies, which offer roadside assistance, are only able to offer assistance […]

The perks of investing in a roadside assistance program

I recently purchased a new insurance policy for my car, and unfortunately for me, was quite unaware that with the purchase I was also entitled to coverage by the insurance company’s own roadside assistance program.  Why unfortunately?  Because I later went on to purchase a separate roadside assistance package from an independent service provider.  This […]

What every woman knows about roadside service

  No one understands more clearly than a woman does the importance of roadside service.  Of the hundreds of women who drive alone every day, only they can understand the dangers that await them at every traffic light, every lonely intersection, or any deserted road.  Face it, not everyone can afford to keep their cars […]

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