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Obligatory duty

    Road service is an obligatory duty of the vehicle dealer towards the customer. Road service refers to assistance rendered by the vehicle dealer to car owners / drivers when they encounter trouble on freeways or on long journeys. The vehicle dealer has to bail them out of crisis at that point of time. […]

Integral part of warranty

    Road service emergency refers to a particular kind of service delivered in case of emergency by registered by firms and agencies. This service is mandatory for all auto warranties extended to vehicles by the dealers.   Any auto warranty that does not include road service emergency is liable for punishment. So make sure […]

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A must register service

    Roadside assistance program refers to help rendered by independent third party service providers whenever vehicles are in distress.   It could be a mechanical failure or engine breakdown, and the firms engaged in roadside assistance programs will render the service for a prescribed fee. The fee varies depending on the service sought by […]