What every woman knows about roadside service


No one understands more clearly than a woman does the importance of roadside service.  Of the hundreds of women who drive alone every day, only they can understand the dangers that await them at every traffic light, every lonely intersection, or any deserted road.  Face it, not everyone can afford to keep their cars maintained at 100% at all times.  There would be the days when a tire blows, or when the gas runs out, or when the car just refuses to go any further.  You pray that this doesn’t happen when you are alone or on a lonely road or in an unsafe neighborhood.  Worst yet, you pray that this doesn’t happen to you when your phone doesn’t have any service or when your toddler is asleep in the back seat of the car.


Regardless of how alert you are of your surroundings, strange vehicles shadowing your every move, or of suspicious individuals lurking at the traffic signals on lonely intersections, there would come the day when you miss just one minor detail and you pray that when that day comes, there is at least one person that can come to your immediate assistance.  Every woman knows the reassurance of knowing that this assistance is just minutes away on a toll free number which connects you directly to roadside service assistance.