The perks of investing in a roadside assistance program

I recently purchased a new insurance policy for my car, and unfortunately for me, was quite unaware that with the purchase I was also entitled to coverage by the insurance company’s own roadside assistance program.  Why unfortunately?  Because I later went on to purchase a separate roadside assistance package from an independent service provider.  This was a total waste of money!  The purchase or investment into a roadside assistance program is however, not one that you would normally be likely to regret.  In fact, for most drivers or vehicle owners, it is one of the best investments that one can make.


The plans available on any roadside assistance program can be altered or tailored to suit your own personal needs.  Generally though, a good program is supposed to provide you with coverage for twenty-four emergency assistance which includes assistance for fuel shut-downs, water and oil changes on-site, lock-out assistance, tire changes, battery jump starts, and even towing services if all else fails to get your vehicle back on the road.  Bonus features of most roadside assistance programs include travel allowances for vehicle down-times, and free gas dependant on your mileage and level of membership among others.