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Save Your Day, Jump Start Your Car

Have you ever experienced this before? You’ve had a hectic day at work and now your car won’t start, turns out that you left your head lights on which drained your battery. What a bad way to end the day huh? But wait relax a bit, your day isn’t ruined yet beause you use a […]

Angry driving- a threat to life

Although the change in technology has made tremendous advancements, there are various devices that stands as a threat to our lives. The car industry is one such example that has designed various types of cars for our luxuries but at times have posed life-threatening also. People are purchasing new age cars to show their status […]

A Protection for Your Investment, Your Car

People tend to either forget what they were saying or just think of it as nonsense when you speak to people in casual conversation, but sometimes on an occasion you kept it in mind and you glad you did it like what just happened to me.   I was at a car dealer closing a […]

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