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In short, what is a roadside assistance program?

  Many a drivers, especially women drivers, would agree that the roadside assistance program is indeed one that has become more than just a convenience.  It is now a necessity for most drivers, especially the younger drivers, senior drivers, and the women drivers.    In any time of distress, all that is usually required is […]

Road service for new car owners

  Road service has become a luxury convenience for most persons who choose to invest heavily in such programs.  While new cars which are purchased straight off the dealer’s lot already come with road service features.  Almost all other drivers or vehicle owners must purchase their road service from independent dealers.   The road service […]

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Roadside assistance should be last resort on the roadways

    While one would agree that roadside assistance is indeed a great convenience to enjoy, many become too dependent upon the service that it becomes more of a necessity to them.  I refer in particular to my fellow women drivers.   I ask of you ladies, have you ever changed a tire yourself?  Do […]