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Sometimes road service goes beyond blown tires, broken axles, and fender benders. I imagine that those in the road service industry have many a tale to tell.

This one is likely to elicit a grin because everyone remembers when another world was only an imagination away. When forests hid creatures unimaginable and good and evil had two distinctly different faces.

Apparently 10 year old Christopher Suri took the newly released fantasy movie, “Bridge to Terabithia”, quite seriously and attempted to replicate the journey.

“Sometime before 5:15 p.m. Saturday the boy slipped out of his yard. He carried a sword – a real one — that his father bought at a garage sale. He set off to slay monsters.”

As it turns out family and townspeople turned out for the journey too when they hit the road and scattered through the countryside searching for young Suri.

“They scoured woods near Old Pasco Road in what is known as the Quail Hollow area of Pasco County. Nearby businesses provided coffee, pizza and water to the searchers…”.

Which brings us to the hero of the story, an unnamed tow truck driver,a road service provider who went out of his way, stopped to pick the young man up after spotting him on the side of the freeway.

“The adventure ended on State Road 54 near Interstate 75, where a tow-truck driver spotted Christopher and stopped to help. To the boy’s father, that tow-truck driver was an “angel from heaven.”

Amen and kudos to the tow truck driver, whoever he

The story by Ronnie Blair of is here.

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