Mapquest’s Handy Road Service for the Lost


You know he is going to get lost. He doesn’t think about getting lost, and you are starting another trip without up to date maps. Not to worry. Mapquest’s “send to cell” service can provide a helpful road service from your cell. You can now get the directions from MapQuest before you leave home and send them to your cell phone. That way, once you go around the same landmark for the fourth time you can casually get your cell phone out, click a text link and your downloaded directions will get you there.

MApQuests updated services include the following:

  • Users can create maps and driving directions utilizing advanced routing options (shortest time, shortest distance, avoid tolls, avoid highways), reverse directions and multi-point routing from the® site, and send the complete information to their cell phone.
  • They can access the 15 million points of interest, places, driving directions and business listings from the MapQuest database and deliver the results to their mobile device, with “right-sized” maps and other mapping capabilities, including pan and zoom functions.
  • The service automatically detects if a user is a MapQuest® Mobile subscriber and delivers the best browsing experience.
  • Users can easily access the maps and directions sent to their phones via a text message containing a URL link.


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