Emergency Auto Assistance: Ford Will Recall F-Series Super Duty Trucks

I’d say flames shooting out of your tail pipe might constitute cause for emergency roadside assistance. Ford’s new F-Series Super Duty trucks with the 6.4-liter diesel engines are being recalled in response to three different reports describing flames coming out of the exhaust pipe.

“Ford Motor Co. on Wednesday told dealers to temporarily stop selling certain 2008 F-series Super Duty diesel pickups after receiving reports of flames shooting out of the vehicle’s tailpipe.
Ford said it was recalling 37,400 F-Series Super Duty trucks with 6.4-liter diesel engines. The majority of the pickups – 29,000 – were still on dealer lots, the automaker said.

Ford spokesman Dan Jarvis said it received three reports of flames coming from the truck’s tailpipe, caused by leaking fuel that ignited in the exhaust system’s diesel particulate filter near the tailpipe.

“It’s really something that we noticed early on and we’re moving swiftly to fix the problem,” Jarvis said.

There have been no injuries or vehicle fires connected to the recall. There has been one report of a grass fire in Texas that was quickly extinguished, he said.

Jarvis said the flames could only occur in engines with leaking fluids, which he said was very rare. Two of the complaints involved leaking fuel injectors and the other involved leaks coming from a crack in the turbocharger shaft…”


Unfortunately, the launch of this truck has had one other glitch when a contract dispute with engine supplier, Navistar halted shipment of the diesel engines earlier this year.

“A Ford Motor (F) truck plant that shut down when Navistar International (NAVZ) stopped shipping diesel engines is up and running again and will be at full speed by Monday, a Ford spokeswoman said.

The Louisville, plant, which makes F-Series “Super Duty” trucks, was forced to curtail production last week and was shut down Friday after Navistar stopped sending 6.4-liter Power Stroke engines in a dispute over recall and repair costs from a previous engine.”

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