Hydrogen Fuel and the Road Service Industry


Hydrogen based transportation is a distant reality and there remain grave doubts as to it’s eventuality, based simply on the likely massive infrastructure overhauls required as well as other long term considerations. One can’t help but wonder though, how hydrogen cars would change the road service industry.

“Another challenge for hydrogen cars is the fact that there are only few hydrogen gas stations. It is the “chicken and egg” problem. Energy companies will not build hydrogen gas stations before there are hydrogen cars to service, and users will not buy hydrogen cars before they can fill their cars at the places where they drive. To get started with usage of hydrogen for road transportation, there are many initiatives, such as the Hydrogen HighWay. in California where the aim is to establish 50-100 hydrogen gas stations before 2010, and the Hydrogen Link) in the Nordic countries where Denmark, Sweden, Norway and North of Germany are linked together in a network of establishing a corridor of hydrogen filling stations.
However It will take decades before a infrastructure established enough for everyone to use a hydrogen driven car. We still need technological improvements and huge investments before the hydrogen society will be a reality. Before we will see regular hydrogen cars on our roads, we will see small fleets of vehicles for small transportation purposes being introduced to the market. The H2 Truck. project from Denmark is one of the first batch produced hydrogen vehicles. In these vehicles, batteries are replaced with fuel cells and refilled with hydrogen with a small hydrogen filling placed in the area of use of where the vehicles are being used, this could be hospitals, in airports and schools etc.”

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