Roadside maintenance program

Emergency road service is a specialized service rendered by various auto companies including auto warranty agencies. This type of service is usually rendered at the time of breakdown of the vehicle. To avail assistance for your vehicle at the time of emergency all you need to do is register with any road service company. With this, the company offering such types of services will be liable to assist your vehicle incase of mechanical failure or engine breakdown.

Emergency road service covers different aspects of car breakdown. This includes on-spot repairs of engine failure, mechanical faults, and flat tire assistance, delivery of fuel and lubricants and repairs. You can trust on these services, as they are available round the clock 24/7. Another special feature of the road service program is the towing feature. Incase the mechanic fails to repair the vehicle on the spot; the vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair shop.

This program also offers services of an alternative vehicle, which can be used till the mechanic repairs your car. Similarly, if you do not want to move ahead with your journey, the firm will take care of a suitable hotel of your choice and also make reservations. You can then resume your journey as soon as your car is repaired. All these features are part of the emergency road service.