Road Side Service is great

Auto road service is considered a drivers’ delight considering the number of benefits and assistance it offers to them. Aimed at solving all problems faced by the motorists whenever they are cruising on the freeway , the auto road service is offered by the auto dealers in association with a national networking agency. Motorists can subscribe to this service at the time of registering the vehicle with the auto dealers. An annual fee will be collected from the motorists to offer the auto road service, which includes attending to the mechanical and engine problems, towing the stranded vehicle to the nearest garage and evacuating the stranded car passengers. 

If the vehicle driver loses way while driving on the freeway, the auto road service provider will give remote navigational guidance to bring the motorist back on to the correct route. The auto road service provider will also extend assistance in identifying the entry and exit points of the speedway. All along the route, the locations of the gas station, ATM counter, malls, motels and hotels will be given to the subscribers to make their journey easy. Hotel room reservation booking and checking will also be carried out for the benefit of the subscribers.