Road Side Service at its best

Auto road service is a new range of service under which assistance any time is the approach. The assistance is given to the motorists irrespective of their location, either at home or on the freeway to bail them out of distress. The auto road service is provided by two categories of operators. They are operators at the county level and at the national level. The county level auto road service provider will operate through an auto dealer. The national road service provider works at the national level and provides service to all of its subscribers.

An annual fee is collected from the motorists by the auto road service provider. The assistance rendered includes attending to vehicle breakdown problems. Whenever the vehicle suffers a mechanical breakdown on the speedway, the mobile repair squad will be sent to help the motorist. Apart from repairing the vehicle, the mobile repair squad will replace faulty spare parts, replace flat tires, and resolve jump starting and ignition problems. If the vehicle has run out of crucial lubricants and oils, they will be supplied to the spot. If the vehicle cannot be attended to on the spot, the vehicle will be towed by the mobile repair squad to the nearest auto dealer. The motorist will also be taken to the nearest town.