Road Side Assistance When You Need it

Auto road service is a branding service under which vehicles are associated with premium services offered by the auto dealer in association with the car manufacturer. There are a number of benefits to car owners under auto road service. The service is offered on the basis of annual fee charged additionally with fee depending on the services sought by the subscriber. Check with the local auto dealer for more information relating to the subscriber details. To new car owners, some aspects of the auto road service are offered for free. To owners of the luxury and high end cars, the fee for auto road service is waived off for a couple of years.

If the vehicle breaks down in the middle of the freeway, mobile repair squads will be sent to help the motorist. Similarly, if the vehicle owner has lost way while driving on the freeway, the auto road service provider will navigate the driver using remote assistance to bring the vehicle back on to the road. The auto road assistance, which works through a help desk, also helps the motorists in identifying the entry and exit points of the freeway. Information relating to road side amenities and facilities will also be provided to the