Road Service Remedy

Auto road service is a new service, which provides value for money to the car owner. A number of benefits and privileges are offered under the auto road service. It is aimed at making driving a pleasurable experience, particularly when the motorists are using the freeways on the interstate route. It also aimed at ensuring that the vehicle owners have a trouble free journey in the process. The auto road service is provided by the auto dealers in association with an agency possessing nationwide reach. 
Under the auto road service, vehicles, which breakdown on the speedways, will be repaired at the earliest. The subscriber has to lodge a complaint with the auto road service provider. Immediately, the mobile repair squad deployed on the speedways will arrive at the spot and carry out repair works. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest auto dealer. The stranded motorists will be taken to the nearest town or motel for rest. If the motorist is intent on continuing the journey, an alternative vehicle will be provided by the auto road service provider. If the motorist is not interested in driving the stretch, chauffeur service will be extended.