New service for motorists

Auto road service is a new service for motorists being offered to make their journey on freeways hassle free. Initially, the auto road service was being offered as complementary service to owners of high end cars and luxury vehicles by the auto dealers. A number of assistances were provided under this scheme. However, the service became popular over a period of time. Consequently, the auto road service was extended to owners of all categories of automobiles. Now, the auto road service encompasses all vehicles and an annual fee is levied on the subscribers. If the subscribers seek additional services other than the standard services offered under the auto road service, additional fee will be levied. 

The auto road service operates through a national helpdesk. Whenever vehicle owners are in trouble, they will have to call the helpdesk and explain the nature of the problem. Help will be dispatched immediately to the vehicle owners. Apart from attending to mechanical problems of the car, a number of value added services are provided to the subscribers. They could be providing information relating to the gas stations, ATM counters, motels, restaurants, shopping malls and entry and exit points of the freeway.