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Register for this service

Emergency auto assistance is offered by the vehicle dealers in association with the vehicle manufacturers whenever the car owners or auto owners are in distress on the streets or freeways. The emergency auto assistance is the responsible of the auto dealer concerned. The emergency auto assistance is available against payment of a certain fee. The […]

24/7 services for vehicle owners

Emergency road service refers to help rendered by a consortium of auto dealers, local administration, including county, cops, health and transport departments, warranty service providers and car manufacturers. Emergency road service is a round-the-clock service and vehicle owners have to register for this service since it is very helpful whenever the car owners are in […]

Obligatory service

Road service is assistance rendered by the auto dealers to vehicles owners in distress round the clock. The road service is an obligatory service offered in association with the car manufacturing companies. Some dealers offer road service as a complementary service to increase their brand equity to acquire more customers. The road service is now […]

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