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Emergency auto assistance is offered by the vehicle dealers in association with the vehicle manufacturers whenever the car owners or auto owners are in distress on the streets or freeways. The emergency auto assistance is the responsible of the auto dealer concerned. The emergency auto assistance is available against payment of a certain fee.
The service offered under emergency auto assistance include engine diagnostics, replacement of faulty spare parts, identification and rectification of mechanical faults, replacement of flat tires, and delivery fuel and fluids to the stranded vehicles. The emergency auto assistance can be activated by calling a hotline telephone number. The emergency auto assistance squad will be sent to help the vehicle owners. If the mobile squad faults to detect the problem on the spot, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest workshop.

If the vehicle driver intends to continue the journey, an alternative vehicle will be provided. However, if the vehicle owner wants to stay back till the repairs are complete, hotel accommodation will also be provided by the emergency auto assistance providing agency. Identifying the nearest ATM outlet, confirming or booking hotel reservations, tourist guide and road guide are also part of emergency auto assistance. Register for this service without fail.