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Being prepared with emergency auto assistance

We often tend to associate emergency auto assistance services as being services particularly available for the woman driver.  This is because the woman is the easiest target on the roadways.  While we do not disagree that the male driver also usually becomes easy target on the roadways, it is admittedly less likely that he would […]

Know how to differentiate your emergency road service from other services

Emergency road service is one of the many services that facilitate the needs of the driver in times of distress on the roadways.  It is not the only service that one can call in times of need. In fact the problems that one could encounter on the roadways on a daily basis are too numerous […]

Road service and the woman driver

It is the general consensus that road service is one of the most important programs that any driver could invest in.  We usually refer particularly to women drivers when we speak of such programs particularly because they make up the bulk of the road service market, and also because they are the most susceptible to […]

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