Obligatory service

Road service is assistance rendered by the auto dealers to vehicles owners in distress round the clock. The road service is an obligatory service offered in association with the car manufacturing companies. Some dealers offer road service as a complementary service to increase their brand equity to acquire more customers. The road service is now an integral part of many auto warranty packages.
Under the road service, the auto dealer will lend assistance such as detecting the engine fault or mechanical failure, setting it right on the spot, replacing faulty spare parts, flat tire replacement, delivering fuel and fluids, engine and horn tuning and vehicle towing service. The road service operates through a hotline telephone number. Whenever vehicle owners encounter problem while at home or on the highway, all they have to do is call the hotline and register the complaint. The mobile repair squad deployed in the nearest range will be sent to assist you.

If the mobile squad fails to rectify the problem on the spot, the vehicle will be towed to the mechanic’s workshop under the road service. However, vehicle owners will have to bear the cost of the repairs. The dealers will levy a fee to offer this service. The fee will be levied on an annual basis.