24/7 services for vehicle owners

Emergency road service refers to help rendered by a consortium of auto dealers, local administration, including county, cops, health and transport departments, warranty service providers and car manufacturers. Emergency road service is a round-the-clock service and vehicle owners have to register for this service since it is very helpful whenever the car owners are in distress.
The concept of emergency road service was evolved a few decades ago when vehicles were repeatedly making distress calls while on speedways and motorways. Now, emergency road service is a standard feature in all counties. At the time of taking the vehicle delivery, the owners have to compulsorily register for this service. Some aspects of the service are free while others are offered against payment of a certain fee.
The emergency road service operates through a common helpdesk. Whenever vehicle owners are in distress, they have to call this helpdesk. Even a message from the mobile telephone will activate the helpdesk. The complaint will be passed on to the authorities concerned, who will then rush to the aid of the stranded vehicle owner.
Emergency road service registration forms are available with all leading car dealers. The completed form has to be handed over to the dealer at the time of registering the car. The license number will be entered into the national network.