Think you do not need a roadside assistance program?

Are you one of those persons who brave the roads every day without as much as a second thought to a roadside assistance program?  Are you one of those people who think that you would be better off not spending money on this service? 


Then consider the day when your daughter takes the car out for a drive with her friends and stalls on a lonely highway.  Consider that you cannot be contacted because you are out of town or in an important meeting.  What if she were all alone, could not change a tire, or understand that an overheated engine needs cooling before starting up again.  Now consider how grateful you would be if your daughter had a roadside assistance program on her side from the moment the car stalled – roadside assistance that you paid for in anticipation of moments like this one.


The roadside assistance program is a nationwide service especially useful to women drivers and young drivers alike, even if they are their own auto mechanics.  The day will surely come when you are the one stalled on the highway when you do not have a spare part in your car and you desperately need a tow in the pouring rain.  This is why a roadside assistance program is so necessary.