The Roadside Assistance Program


Have you ever been locked out of your car or have had your car stall on you in the peak of freeway traffic?  If you have ever been in one of these unfortunate situations would you fully appreciate the value of the roadside assistance program.  Most people, especially men, seem to think that it is a useless service or that it is only a towing service.  But any good roadside assistance program would offer towing only as a last resort option. 


There are several services offered as part of the roadside assistance program, and these can vary from service provider to service provider.  Roadside assistance programs are also enforced as part of most vehicle warranties, both for the manufacturer’s warranty and an aftermarket warranty (or extended warranty service contract), so that it is often a free service to owners of new or used vehicles.


While most people would assume that the roadside service offered by the manufacturer as part of their roadside assistance program would be of higher quality than the service offered by private dealers and contracted service providers.  Most times however, they are sadly disappointed.  It is instead the contracted service provider, whose only job it is to offer roadside assistance services and thus keep customers happy, who responds to the customers distress call in the best time possible with the best service possible.  Then again, the private contractor is being paid for his services whereas the manufacturer offers his for free.