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Road service emergency refers to assistance or help rendered by authorized companies when vehicle drivers are in distress while driving on the freeway. This program is very useful when ever a car driver experiences problems on the road.

Companies offering road service emergency maintain a hotline. In case of any emergency, car owners have to dial this hotline and explain the nature of the problem. If possible, the agency will try to help the car owner immediately. If it is a complicated case such as an accident or emergency health concern, then the agency will contact the nearest police and fire department for intervention. 

Therefore, it is a good idea that all car owners to register for this service. 

There are a number of companies that specialize in road service emergency. They can be tracked on the Internet or in the local yellow pages. Always, choose a reputed firm with a sound track record. Check the services offered by them before finalizing the agency. 

Some auto warranty firms also engage in road service emergency. Evaluate their offers before choosing any independent firm.