Start Your Drive Safety Habits Early

Before you go driving, it is always a good habit to check the car first. Firstly check the coolant water level –make sure the cap is cool enough for you to open-, oil spill underneath your car, the tire air pressure, headlamps, signals, etc.


Driving safely is not only for other people’s sake but also for your sake. Driving with a broken brake lamp would prove dangerous as the driver behind you can’t see the signal you braking the car, and if he/she moves fast enough he/she won’t have the time to brake accordingly. Without a working horn you can’t warn pedestrian, without working signals you can’t warn other vehicles that you are going to make a turn.


Make sure to use seat belts at all times even for passengers, remember, there are laws for seat belts in most cities. But it’s also an effective means –besides airbag- to protect you should an accident occurred. Use the mirrors and rearview to know what is going on around you, for instance if you’re going to stop or slowing down by checking the rearview and touching on the brake will avoid you from an unnecessary traffic collision. Start your drive safety habits early.


Enjoy a stress free drive by availing efficient road services.