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Emergency road services refer to assistance and help rendered by agencies, including government when vehicle drivers or commuters or travelers face distress while driving on highways and road, especially during nights.


The services rendered under emergency road service include medical assistance, airlifting, mobile vehicle repair, towing, flat tire assistance, fluid and fuel delivery, alternative transport arrangements and hotel bookings.


Normally, emergency road services come into picture at the time of accidents on road to assist other drivers. Both private agencies and government bodies are involved in emergency road services. However, in case of accidents, government agencies take over the responsibility of clearing the site and assisting those involved in the accidents while the private firms play the role of ancillary units.


In general, emergency road services are known to be of great help. Therefore, always remember the hotline telephone number of the emergency road services. Car owners can also register with leading firms for emergency road services.


There are specialty firms that deal with emergency road services exclusively. It is easy to find such firms since they are advertised widely. Choose the best agency that offers the entire service portfolio. Sometimes, auto warranty firms too offer emergency road services.