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Road service refers to the services provided by registered firms to drivers, travelers and car owners whenever their vehicles suffer mechanical breakdown while on journey.


There are a number of firms that engage in road service. Most of them have relationships with auto warranty firms. Consequently, auto warranty comes with a special service that includes road service also. Therefore, it is better for regular commuters to choose auto warranties with road service.


Apart from auto warranty firms, there a number of agencies that specializes in road service. If you are not happy with a particular road service agency, you always enjoy the freedom to change it.


The road service firms offer services such as repairs in case the vehicle suffers breakdown, including mechanical fault or engine failure while driving. In case the firm is unable to repair the vehicle on the spot due to complications, it will tow the vehicle to the nearest service center. These road service firms are available through their hotline numbers.


Other services offered by the road service firm include flat tire assistance, fuel and fluid delivery, towing services and assisting hassle-free journey. If the car owner has to break journey to get the vehicle repaired, the road service firm will book the necessary accommodation at the nearest hotel.