Roadside assistance should be last resort on the roadways



While one would agree that roadside assistance is indeed a great convenience to enjoy, many become too dependent upon the service that it becomes more of a necessity to them.  I refer in particular to my fellow women drivers.


I ask of you ladies, have you ever changed a tire yourself?  Do you even know how to change a tire?  How often do you check and change your water, your oil, or your brake fluid?  When was the last time that you serviced your car?  Are you aware of what is being done when your car is being serviced?  What about your tire pressure?  Can you tell when you are getting a flat tire?  How often do you look at your dashboard while driving?  Are you aware of your radiator temperature or your gas light?  Most women are guilty of ignoring one or more of the above.  And ironically enough, these are the most common distress calls received for roadside assistance.


But while our women drivers are guilty, they are not the only culprits.  For each woman who drives on the road, there must be at least one man who stands beside her – a father, brother, husband or boyfriend.  How many of you let the women in your lives drive without a spare?  How many of you neglected to teach the women the safety checks to perform in any car before getting into the car?  In short, roadside assistance has become a fallback for both men and women’s lack of preparedness on the roadways.