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Rescue ranger on road

While driving we may not be aware what might happen on road in next few minutes.  The drive may be the most peaceful and relaxing time of the day and at any momen it could easily turn into a complete nightmare when you get a flat tire or your car’s engine stops working. There is […]

Understanding roadside assistance program

Vehicle insurance companies and the motor clubs have found a new way to attract more and more clients towards their business. We can say that finally they have recognized that they were also in the service industry and not just automobile sector. Some of these companies have come up with the roadside assistance programs to […]

Emergency Road Service – On-road assistance or roadside assistance

Almost everyone who is drives knows how it feels like when suddenly the car runs out of fuel with no gas station or people around. How about the situation where you have no one around to help change a flat tire? These are just two of the numerous accidental situations one might run into while […]