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Road Service directory

Auto Road Service is one the best automotive road side service directory on the Internet. The reason for that is the real time experience of the customers. The plan owners drive all types of vehicles that range from trucks, passenger cars and sports cars. Road Service has provided services for almost two decades. Owners of […]

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Automobile Roadside Assistance

Accidents are not something that any one can control. They just happen without giving any prior warning. While driving your car, you have no idea that there might be a flat tire, or the gas will run out, or you might veer off the road with the vehicle ahead or behind you. Thus you must […]

Mitsubishi settles legal dispute with 11 UK grey importers

The dispute between Mitsubishi and 11 UK businesses has been settled. The dispute was about the import of vehicles from UK to the European Economic Area (EEA). The solution, the trade mark vehicles will now be placed in the market without any license from the company. The 11 opposing firms have finally settled on the […]