Emergency Road Service – On-road assistance or roadside assistance

Almost everyone who is drives knows how it feels like when suddenly the car runs out of fuel with no gas station or people around. How about the situation where you have no one around to help change a flat tire? These are just two of the numerous accidental situations one might run into while traveling. Fortunately there are few vehicle insurance companies and motor clubs that have come up with the idea of providing emergency services during such critical situations on road.

An emergency road service can also be called as on-road assistance or roadside assistance. The services include jump starting a vehicle, towing a vehicle, helping to change a flat tire or fill air in a tire, taking vehicles out of snow and much more. These might seem simple services in daily routine, but for someone stuck on road at critical times these have proved to be a necessity.

Before you face such a situation all you have to do is just call up your insurance or automotive club company and provide details about your situation and location.  One must ensure that the insurance company they have registered their vehicle with is providing emergency road services else calling up would also be a waste of time.