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Roadside Assistance Destination of the Day

Naples is a world unto itself and the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort is it’s own magical kingdom. Golf, sun and sea with the ultimate in pampering and service. “At least 50 tall, stately palms line the grand driveway into The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples creating the illusion that the hotel is tucked into a remote oasis […]

Highway Survival Kit

For all of your well made plans, the unexpected has come up and you are stuck on the side of the road. If you have a comprehensive emergency kit prepared however, it may be that you won’t even need to wait for a road service provider and you can take care of the emergency yourself. […]

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Before You Hit the Road

You were a road warrior before they ever invented the term. Your memories are replete with summer vacations spent traveling the roads of America from the back seat of a car. You remember the first summer that you had your license and how your Dad would let you help out behind the wheel, much to […]