Rescue ranger on road

While driving we may not be aware what might happen on road in next few minutes.  The drive may be the most peaceful and relaxing time of the day and at any momen it could easily turn into a complete nightmare when you get a flat tire or your car’s engine stops working.

There is no one around for miles whom you can ask for help.  You pray that you had someone who can actually empathize with you and come over for lending a helping hand. Worry no more as the motor clubs and insurance companies have realized the requirements of those stuck in emergency situations on road and quite a few of them have also launched the road services. By paying a very small amount per year you can avail the facilities of having a rescue ranger on road. You can call you motor club anytime and anywhere. So whether you car is stuck in snow or the tires are flat, you can be tension free even if there is no repair shops for miles.

Your personal garage is just in your hands a phone call away. But unfortunately not all insurance agents provide this fantastic facility of road service.  No wonder why the market is suddenly moving in hands of just few players in the sector. Services surely matter!

Posted on Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 at 11:09 am In Emergency Auto Assistance  

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