Know how to differentiate your emergency road service from other services

Emergency road service is one of the many services that facilitate the needs of the driver in times of distress on the roadways.  It is not the only service that one can call in times of need. In fact the problems that one could encounter on the roadways on a daily basis are too numerous too list.  Likewise, not every one of them would be a problem that you could call on your emergency road service provider with, just as not every one of them would be a problem for other services like your insurance service or even the protective services.
While there is an obvious connection to being stuck on a lonely highway and the possibility of being kidnapped, robbed or raped, you would not call on the protective services unless there is reason enough that you should feel threatened.  Generally, as long as you are covered by an emergency road service program, you call on your providers to assist you to get your vehicle back on the road towards safety.  Likewise, if you are involved in an accident, you do not call your emergency road service for a tow truck as the first alternative.  You insurance agency and the relevant authorities would advise you as to how you should proceed depending on the nature of the accident.