Road service and the woman driver

It is the general consensus that road service is one of the most important programs that any driver could invest in.  We usually refer particularly to women drivers when we speak of such programs particularly because they make up the bulk of the road service market, and also because they are the most susceptible to targeted attacks on the roadways.  While road service is not designed to come to a victims aid in times of an attack (you should call for emergency assistance from the relevant authorities in such an instance), having the road service would in fact help to reduce the incidence of these attacks.
By having road service, you will be saved from having to rely on passersby to come to your assistance.  While you could be lucky to come across a sincerely good samaritan who would be willing to assist you without making you feel at any time threatened, chances are that every other person who stops is going to be someone you should avoid.  So apart from providing you with the normal services like towing facilities and gas deliveries and battery jump starts and a wide host of other services, road services would also allow you the peace of mind of knowing that you do not have to put yourself out there at any time for any kind of assistance.

Posted on Thursday, August 9th, 2007 at 12:21 pm In Road Service  

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