Every car owner’s right


Emergency road service is a whole range of assistance provided by the car dealer in association with a consortium of service providers. The consortium could include auto mechanics, hospitals, basic service providers like road traffic cops, fire force personnel, travel and tour operators, hotels and motels and car rental companies. 

Emergency road service is provided by the car dealer for a prescribed fee every year. Imagine a situation where the car has veered off the road and hit the fencing. Immediately, the car owner will call the emergency telephone line operated by the local transport authority. Immediately, the message is relayed to the company and they will rush to the aid of the car owner. 

Mobile repair squads will be deployed for the car owner’s assistance in case the vehicle suffers a breakdown. Repair and replacement of spare parts, flat tire replacement, delivery of fluids and fuel and vehicle towing service are part of the emergency road service. In case the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest workshop. In case, the car owner intends to break journey, hotel reservation will be confirmed by the service provider. If the vehicle owner intends to continue the journey, alternative vehicles will be provided by the dealer.