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 Road service  is a type of services rendered by the car dealer in association with another company specializing in repair and maintenance of the vehicle whenever they are in distress on roads. 

Road service encompasses repairs of engine, drive train, power train, ignition, jump starting, flat tire assistance, fluid and fuel delivery and replacement of minor spare parts. In case, the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest workshop. Road service can be offered by the vehicle dealer owing to the expertise in repairing a particular brand of cars. 

Leading car manufacturers expect their dealers to launch the road service, which should be operational round the clock. Mobile repair squads of the dealers are deployed on highways and motorways. Whenever car owners are in distress, they have to call a hotline, a service owned by the dealer. Once the complaint is registered on the hotline, it will be dispatched to the nearest mobile squad. The alert mobile squad has to rush to the assistance of the car owner in distress. 

Road service is available for a particular price. The prices vary depending on the requirements of the car owner. The fee is charged on an annual basis, but the cost of repairing the vehicle also has to be borne by the car owner.