Tow Truck Drivers Require Emergency Assistance


It turns out that some emergency auto assistance providers were in need of emergency assistance themselves. Sometimes a tow truck driver’s duties will include the removal of cars that the owner has no intention of parting with.

“Lundin and two co-workers had gone to the Bell Court Apartments after the property manager asked them to remove a truck from a muddy front lawn at the property. That’s when four people got in between the tow truck drivers and the vehicle in question.

“The one with the bat was a female with a good swing,” Lundin said.

Mike Freitas also got beat up. He said a dozen more people in addition to the original four surrounded him and his co-workers at the complex and took some pot shots.

Freitas’ company, A&M Towing, had recently taken another car from the lot and he said he believes people there wanted some payback.

“We’re always the bad guy for doing the job, but it’s something that has to be done. Property owners have their rights to have vehicles removed,” Freitas said.”

Two of the three drivers were hospitalized but one tow trucker wasn’t about to let that interfere with his business.

“Truck operator Erik Lundin said he was left with staples on his wounds and a headache on Friday.

“I didn’t see any reason to stay home and take a day off,” he said. “It’s just a couple of staples. It’s not going stop me from doing my job.”

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