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A haven of western beauty and a delight for wine lovers, Calistoga Ranch provides a unique respite from the world.

“Calistoga Ranch is a wonderful world unto itself. Tucked away on 157 acres in California’s majestic Napa Valley, this wine country retreat practically defines relaxation and rejuvenation. One step inside this one-of-a-kind getaway and the cares of the outside world will rapidly vanish. There are just 46 guest lodges at this property, where guests can be as active or as social as they choose. The liberal use of cedar, copper, and natural stone make the exteriors and interiors of the individual lodges blend perfectly with the park-like surroundings.

Calistoga Ranch is the kind of place where travelers come to escape the worries of the business world, and while it would be a good choice for a smaller corporate retreat, it is not particularly well-suited for individual business travelers. The focus at this resort is on relaxation, and its location in the heart of the renowned wine country makes it an unlikely pick for business travelers.

Calistoga Ranch’s serenity is perhaps most popular with couples who come here for its quiet pace and relaxed sophistication. It is perfect for celebrating a special occasion, anniversary, or birthday, and all adults seeking solace without forsaking modern luxuries will feel right at home. Since the amenities are adult-focused and it is a spot known for its seclusion and gentle charms, Calistoga Ranch is not a suitable choice for families traveling with young children.”
from Mobil Travel Guide

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