Getting Emergency Road Service From Car Companies

Buying the membership of an emergency road service generally goes hand in hand with buying a new or used car. No one really knows when the vehicle will not start and at what place. Knowing that someone will come to your rescue when having car problems is always a reassuring thought.

However, you may just be saved from spending extra money on your emergency road service membership if you are fully aware of the package that your new car comes with. Almost 80% car companies offer emergency roadside assistance programs free with a new car purchase. But research has found that a vast majority of new car owners are unaware of these services and therefore end up spending more money to buy them. So if you have recently bought a new car, or are planning to buy one, check whether it comes with such a package or not. Even if your car does not have an assistance program membership, you might be able to convince the dealer to add one in order to give you a better bargain. You will be surprised to know that a lot of car dealerships will gladly do this.

Once you have an emergency road service membership from an automobile manufacturer, get to know the limitations that it comes with. These programs differ in what they cover and under what circumstances. While some programs will cover all vehicle related problems, including lockouts, others may cover you only in the case a part under warranty develops a problem. So be informed and aware, and you should be able to fully utilize your free membership.