Emergency never knocks!!

Roadside assistance programs are needed by every one but are rarely purchased. Those who understand the need of the hour understand that you cannot trust a vehicle no matter how new it may be; after all it is a machine. So it is always in your best interest to go for roadside assistance programs. These assistance programs are based on yearly payments. Most of them are affordable and cost around 12-15 $ a year, which is quite nominal charge in terms of other expenses.

Roadside assistance should not be confused with car insurance. These guys are there to help you in case you are in trouble, but they will not provide you coverage for damages if you get into an accident. Some of the most common road side assistance services include the flat tires, carburetors jamming, car not starting or out of gas conditions.

Most car assistance companies will tow your vehicle to a nearest garage or workstation. These assistance providers are experts and can easily solve little hick ups. They can be called using a toll free number anytime during the day, throughout the year, thus they are like your mobile bodyguards.